The rules of safe sleep together

The rules of safe sleep together

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From time to time Newer news about the dangers of sleeping together appears. We've collected the most common mistakes.

On Tuesday, the Budapest Kyrgyzstan Law Office cared for a careless caretaker suspension for a young mother whose two-month-old son had fallen asleep. The tragedy did not happen in their own home, but in the home of her mother's sister. That night was spent by P. B. together with his children. Eight people slept here in a single L-shaped bed: the two women and a total of six children.
The protagonist had warned him about the danger of sleeping together. The frenzy brought the idea to life in ten minutes. "You didn't do as you would expect from a careful parent," the Brown said. The idea is that the woman is blamed for not doing the right thing уvintйzkedйseket, that is, did not anesthetize in a little baby the baby. The bunny said: The life is primarily about the general prevention that "others do not fall for this mistake."

Did you discover the six little mistakes?

What caused the tragedy? How did they sleep? That they slept together? No! That's how they slept. If the mushroom can be poisonous, will everyone be banned from eating? And, generally, about mushroom eating? If someone creates dangerous conditions sleeping with her baby, ban everyone from sleeping together safely? Has the boy well done to warn her about the danger of sleeping together? Did the Bronze do that it was a deterrent to prevent others from falling into this mistake? Wouldn't it be good for us to organize a wide range of information about which mushroom is poisonous? And what are the rules for safe sleep together? If a mother sleeps in a strange bed, it can be dangerous because they have learned to care for and adapt to the baby at home, but in a strange place they have to learn it again. If a mother sleeps with her seventh baby in a bed, including an infant, it can be dangerous because they cannot comfortably and safely settle down. And the rest rizikуfaktorrуl we haven't talked yet. Is there a smoker who sleeps around the baby? Did anyone drink alcohol or take anesthetic? We do not know what role played the baby in this situation. But we know what the conditions for a safe sleep together are. The La Leche League summarizes:
1. Non-smoking household (this also applies to maternity smoking under maternity conditions)
2. Sleepy parents not influenced by sober, negatively influencing drugs
3. breastfeeding mother
4. Healthy Infants
5. supine infants
6. Un displaced, overloaded baby (to avoid overheating)
7. Any surface that is free of dust and fouling, which can become a barrier to baby's icing
If that is the case, sleeping together is less risky than just getting out of bed at night and breastfeeding in a soft armchair or couch where the mother-in-law's job is to support the baby where she needs to stay, wherever she is. Sleeping together is a fantastic opportunity for relaxation, cuddling, for comfortable breastfeeding. But only if parents prepare the ground and adhere to the rules. It is also healthy to eat mushroom sprouts if your cook follows the rules. It's that simple!