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How do we raise strong but juvenile boys?

How do we raise strong but juvenile boys?

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Research is also supported: boys are more than girls. Not only in the moment of birth, but also in the life of the fetus. Why and what we can do - look for the answer.

The baby is asleep in the baby bed, two small hips under his head. Little boy, but this is only for the first visitor to see the lighthearted. Her mom doesn't even discover her boyish traits, except during the diaper change. Then he wakes up: will you shoot yourself in the doorway with your finger extended, flush my flowers in the garden, and sleep in cool, small cars instead of teddy bears? Who knows, maybe. But in the meantime, it took a long time.
By the time she is two, she's getting to know women and wizards about their shoes, their voice, their hair, and their clothes. For the time being, the genitals do not play a role in the development of capital. Two and a half years later, he knows for himself that he is a boy. He just doesn't know that it will stay forever. Why can't a baby grow up in her belly once like a little brother in her mother? Or why wouldn't the puppy next door be splashed in the pool next summer?
In pre-school age, genders separate. I am surprised at the age-old clichés in the age of equality in women. Nowadays, for sure, you can't hear from anyone else or experience what they are saying: girls are boring, just babies, can't talk, always behave properly, and instead of protecting themselves, they just scream.

Where do you get all this from?

At this age, they cannot think flexibly: if one is a boy, one belongs to them, and can only be like them, so cuddly, foolish, strong ... the opposite is true of girls. Common properties will only be discovered in school years.
There is no "typical boy" category - development psychologists choose. There can also be great individual differences within the sexes, and there are no major differences between the abilities of boys and girls, but there are certain rules that can be observed. Boys are, in terms of language skills, a little behind the body, on the other hand, they are more active in the space, they are better at large motor movements, and the subtle motor strength is greater. There are significant differences in the formation of living spaces. Boys play in a larger team, set up addictive relationships (hierarchies), rules. He loves power, has a great competitive spirit, and loves wild, terrain-loving players. The girls play more alone or in smaller groups, they are more caring and more cooperative.
These qualities were of great importance to our ancestors. Women could count on relatively few passes, their devoted care was essential to their survival. A man could have had many more trips, but he had to contend with the best partner he had chosen.

In our genes we carry gender differences

Little babies have a social interest in their baby days: they search more often and stay in longer eye contact with their surroundings. Little boys are trying to take away what is in their other hands for six months, and 14 months are obviously deciding between cars and weapons - these are good ways to compete and fight.
At the root of differences, we reach hormones. The eight-week-old embryo develops testicles and begins the male sex hormone, testosterone termelйsйt. And this affects not only the external bodily traits, but also the way of thinking, the senses, and the actions. Babies whose mothers took a testosterone-like drug during their pregnancy behave much more wildly, and love sports and games.
Our thinking is another. One of our minds controls our logic, the other controls our senses. Women use both more often, while men prefer to use only one, the logical problem solver.
These physical attributes are greatly enhanced by environmental influences: not only are they born as a son, but they are also raised. From the earliest age, she sees gender differences, with her inborn characteristics and observations based on the gender of her father, grandfather, and brother. And he continues to watch what men are. Dad sets up the table, does the washing, but he also replaces the light bulb and refueles. He sees first-hand how the wizards fight in the street, and in the future he sees how they shoot. These and many, many tiny pieces are made up of a pattern made of a man's own.

Community is also taking shape

Stepping into kindergarten, the group is more likely to influence behavior. If the other boy is collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards at the door, and if he is a fan of football he will also be his favorite sport.
Parental care, affection and love play a significant role in the formation of masculine qualities. A bad example is the sandy Ramboo.
He is most identified with the role of the wild cat, who does not receive emotional filling or guidance at home. A little boy has the same need for caress and weakness as a little girl. Take into consideration and respect your individual needs, your interest and your tendency, and do not attach much importance to the "boy" and "girl" categories.

Do you really have trouble with the boys? Why do you want more family than your son today?

It was once an important consideration that her son carried on the name of the family, the wealth, the farming. Today they prefer a baby because social and economic aspects have changed. Parents believe that today, a girl with good social qualities is lighter than a "wild" boy.

What is the Difficulty in Raising Boys?

The fact that we do not find generally valid considerations. Characteristic boyish qualities are now called "cat". But we don't know exactly how we want to see them. Strong, but not violent, bald, but not reckless, gentle, but not a mother-in-law. We accept both boy and girl behavior from the girl, and from the boy,, but the traditional boy role has also been questioned.
Where are the male pictures? Certainly not in the environment of little boys, because they are primarily women: mother, uvunni, tutoring. He does not offer all of the following examples among observable men.

Why are boys already disadvantaged in kindergarten and school?

Usually, attention is drawn to "malice" and this reinforces bad behavior. They teach, "teach" ordinary babies who are attentive, listened to, with good manners and speech. There is no room for jerking, big movements in the room, and boy things seem to be more of a nuisance.

What do you need to improve?

Versatile options for not having to behave like a model. Different for men's pictures and for determined women. Parents who are good at sex.

Who is the weaker not?

Many times, it seems, boys are more casual and sick. Is that really the case?
We have more problems with the world-wide claim. Бtlagosan It takes more than half an hour to give birth to a baby boy than a baby boy. They need to be assisted by cesarean delivery more often than girls, and in the newborn intensive classes, the boy is more than a girl. According to the doctors, the higher average birth weight (3,600 grams in the boy, 3450 grams in the body) and the larger headache are not enough explanations. Sad data: Between preterm and stillbirths, the son is more.
They are more common among malignant diseases. Probably looking for chromosomes is the reason for this. The male sex is defined by two distinct x and y chromosomes, while the female is defined by two x chromosomes. Sexual chromosome defects in their flesh cannot be replaced by the same but healthy other, but they are by their very nature. However, some hereditary diseases are more common in girls, for example stigma is about four times as common.
They are less resistant to infections. Aggregate statistics for hospitals do not support this, even though there is some evidence that more boys seem to be treated with upper respiratory tract infections than children. However, infections of the lungs are certainly less frequent, as the longer lymphatic vessels are more difficult to reach to the bladder.
Allergies are more common. Although the boys start earlier, they "outgrow" the complaints. In the early years of life, asthma is nearly twice as numerous as a child, and lymphoma is more common among children. However, the rate varies with adolescence, with large populations suffering more from pollen and dust.
The soul is sicker. In stu- dent and school age, stuttering and bumping boys are as common as girls. And hyperactivity and attention disorder affect eight times as many boys as a child. However, after adolescence, girls tend to complain of headaches, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

What can we do here? Ideas for the Father

Be there for life! Little boy is taken by women in kindergarten, school. Spend more time with it And show that it's good to be a man.
Wrestle and hug the guy! The boys love wild games, and they can fight full strength against their father. At the same time, it feels good to comfort him when he is in pain.

The father should take part in the care more often

Participate in education too! Mom is studying with the child, she is teasing her, she is going to bed, she is bothering her? When Dad came home from work, did you get tired of it, could the games come? Such one-sidedness does not benefit anyone. Conflicts are not just for the superintendent.
What kind of male figure do you show yourself? What does your family look like? Why does your son help in the household: because his mother insists, or because he sees his father helping?
You don't have to look perfect! The little boys look at their father with admiration and boast with them in the ovi. The larger ones are already suppressed by the shadow of the perfect father. Recognize your mistakes, in fact, let it be time for your son to be one.
Don't stick to the typical man's time! Don't force your baby into a role that is not hers. Accept if you are freaking out about your dog or you don't like playing football.

How Can Mother Help Me?

Bring it close to you! Mom's eyes are light and proud, but she is less caring, caressing, caressing. But a little boy needs as much as a little boy.
Twenty-three years later, the role of the father has become increasingly prominent. He will be a son of his son as he discovers gender identity. Do not obstruct too much your son's letter.
Get your baby involved with your baby's activities! Dad may be more inexperienced at first, but it's more interesting for the little ones to be the newcomer to punishment.
Does your neighbor talk and party so much for so long? A little boy needs his mother to help him with his individual development, and to help with his appreciation and patience.
Definitely represent your own interests! The mother is not a serviceable company, it is not her job to wear the athlete, the math genius or the violinist, to wear a clean clothes. First and foremost, a woman who, being overbearing and confident, tells her son that the sexes are different, but equally strong.

Ideas for single mothers

Believe in the future! It is not easy to raise a boy alone, but it is not impossible. No one's sons are any more savage or impious than others. Also count on the help of other parents who work with your little boy in the ovi, at school.
Stay in touch with a former partner! He also has a responsibility to have children and this will take some of the hassle out of the shoulder. Do not interfere in the father-son relationship. If the father is untrustworthy, disappointing his son, comfort him five without saying bad things to the other.
The father is not a competitor. If you spend less time with your child, you want to spend all your time. Mom is responsible for the weekdays, and we daddy out of the hell - a disadvantage, but we only make it worse if we break the security of the weekdays.
Fortunately, there are a few men in our environment who occasionally deal with the boy. Involve your grandfather, cousin, acquaintance from time to time in our programs.
We cannot replace the abbot - this is a vain attempt to try. Let's just stay mum.
Our little boy is not our partner - we should not reward him, even if we are really looking for identities. Do not let down our spirit, but it is not intended to satisfy our emotional needs. Also worth reading:
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