These can be good for your baby's baby

These can be good for your baby's baby

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Two studies also show very precisely how baby's bacterial system protects infants, which also shows that antibiotics and oesophageal interference can interfere with this process.

Bacteria do not receive enough attention. They have a much more important role to play when it comes to food digestion because they are key to the immune system. The type and quantity of bacterial bacteria present in the human body also influences whether or not it develops. overexposure, indigestion, mental disorderand such autoimmune diseasessuch as asthma and various allergies. A recent study among others points to the correlation between germs and the health of the heart. New research from infancy to pre-school age has examined young children and professionals have discovered that the first two-thirds of our lives play a key role in the development of the microbiome.

There are several factors that influence the privacy of small children

It turned out that taking antibiotics before the age of 2 significantly weakens the diversity of essential bacteria for protection. There is also a difference in the method of childbirth: a person who gives birth on the vagina meets the maternal bacterial stock in one part, while it is not possible to have a baby who has a baby. at the right time, in the critical period? Well, we don't know that yet, "says lead researchers Dr. Martin Blaser, a fellow at the University of New York.They may also be interested in:
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