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The housewives fed the baby during parliamentary life

The housewives fed the baby during parliamentary life

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The New Zealanders had a special vantage point: the housemaid, Trevor Mallard, fed her representative baby on the outside of the house.

After the incident, the hosts said on Twitter: "In general, only the presiding chair can sit in the hut, but I have a VIP franchise with me today. Congratulations, Tamati Coffey and Tim for your recent family."Housewife feeds her representative baby during parliamentary sitting That's a baby of one day Tamati Coffey a laborer and his partner, Tim's child, whom she has given birth to. The father, too, was in the immediate vicinity, returning to work from paternal leave. Immediately, there were many positive reactions in the community. "We need to see this many times. Jobs should be following this behavior," someone commented. "New Zealand… you may be a small country, but you give the world a huge amount of advice," another user wrote. Several parliamentarians supported the act, Gareth Hughes, the Green Party parliamentary spokesman posted a photo he said: "It's wonderful to have a baby in the House, even if it's beautiful." Last year, the New Zealand ministers, Jacinda Ardern was born during his term of office. He returned to work sooner, while his life partner Clarke Gayford stayed home with the baby. It is not so clear in every country that a baby has a seat in parliament, and there are even countries where it is forbidden to do so. In Kenya, we discarded a representative who came to the living room with her child. However, it is only natural that a representative is both a born and a working person, Its Swinson a British spokeswoman took her child to parliamentary debate last year, while her Australian spokeswoman is two years old, Larissa Waters, breastfeeding her girl in parliament. (via)
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