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Every third school is excessive

Every third school is excessive

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In Hungary, 42 percent of educators are overweight or crazy, according to the National Food Safety and Nutrition Institute.

This ratio is also frightening, as it is mainly the childhood excess that can be responsible for the disease in adulthood. According to professionals determine the next few months of life for kids in the first fifty months, health. In the scary world, the number of overbearing children is increasing. In Hungary, a survey by the National Institute for Food Safety and Nutrition reveals that today, at least one in three school-age children is overweight.
In a study done by the University of London, five thousand identical and two-tailed twins were asked how much they were responsible for, they are predisposed, mainly determined by our genetic abilities, the most obsessed with lifestyle and environment being responsible, read on the Nol page.

It is up to you how much your child eats

Today, it is well known that the "home-brought" lifestyle of young children determines the early life of children, their lifestyles, and it is also a known cause of a number of serious illnesses in children. Obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle can shorten the life expectancy of Hungarian men by up to 15 years by 68, and women by an average of 76, says a specialist.
With a lot of television and computers to spend before, fast food restaurants are all a direct way to obsession. That is why the parents are responsible for the parents.
Source: OrientPress Newsletter
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