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Children's work

Children's work

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Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of families is "double-searching," which means that both parties are generally required to earn financially. The young pбr egйsz kцzцs йletйt meghatбrozу, one of the most important dцntйs when vбllalnak child.


According to sociologists, the time for social, existential maturity is shifting, and the age at which young people's lives determine young people's lives is getting shorter. Today, for example, in vocational schools 16, in vocational schools 18 years of age only vocational-based training, so at the earliest 18, or after the age of three to get a young profession in the hands, it is necessary to apply.
The felsхoktatбsban tanulуk szбmбra this "felkйszьlйsi idх" termйszetesen ennйl longer jуval. At the same time, the process of biological acceleration has accelerated, today a young man is physically maturing, and he usually begins his sexual life earlier than his parents, grandparents. Szьlйszek, nхgyуgyбszok tartjбk the elsх szьlйs ideбlis idejйnek the 23-25 ​​age йves. In contrast, nowadays, rescues tend to be shorter, and more and more women are relatively short, nearing their thirties.

Children and work - difficult to reconcile, but not impossible

Under such circumstances, smart life planning and family planning are even more important in helping the baby to be born with greater physical, mental, and existential safety.

Singles or Mom?

Although the law prohibits all forms of gender discrimination, women's work is often found to be disadvantaged by their counterparts of the same age and qualifications. Employers prefer to employ men or women who do not have to worry about having children in the immediate area. Young women complain: When you apply for a job, one of the first questions you ask in your life interview is that it's kind of like, "When's the wedding planned?" , they are planning a house.
It also came to pass that a young woman well-deserved to be nominated for a rewarding professional career by her boss made her dependent on having three children for no age. Mothers with young children have many employers: they are afraid of having to be replaced and replaced many times because of the child's illness, early childhood illness or other parental responsibilities. It seems - especially in the field of competition, but also for the public sector - that the ideal female work is skilled, ambitious, career is the most important, young (25-30 years), but also has some experience and some.
Some young couples who do not marry at this time, even deny long-term relationships and delay childbearing.

She's family

The ideal time for having a first child cannot be overstated: it depends on the individual, the situation, the relationship, the existence, the workplace, and many other things of the young person. The ancient experience of "getting to know people while living" is not unfounded: it is worthwhile for prospective parents to spend all their time alone, not to engage in a third, after the wedding or wedding.
It is also advisable that the baby does not come directly after a professional or diploma: it is better for the woman years to go back.
Some people think: first come small, "be" out of the doll so that she can follow her chosen path without interruption. The tцrvйny vйdeni tries to anyбk rights, but tйny that this is not a munkaadу looking kibъvуt kedvezmйnyek alуl. (For example, a young woman has been approached by her boss before the age of maturity, and has requested that her contract be terminated by mutual agreement. grace period and leave allowance.)

Definite jews

Parents tend to encourage the arrival of a second-third child, brothers and sisters, so that they can spend the same time at home with their mother, or even years. It is also good for children, especially for newborns, as they can be with their mothers in the early years of their personal development.
Semmikйppen not "lost kбrba" idх it, but the New Account csalбd alakulбsбnak best time. It is not necessary for the mother to break away from the profession at all, but to further her existence, since during her childcare period, she can receive a wide range of further education, training, and even higher education. Some of the weekly families of the larger family, the circle of friends, and the mutual compilation of like-minded people can easily unleash a small, well-rounded, succinctly young world.


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