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Free services for families

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The Cserf-S Family Resource Center has been opened in Budapest.

Maternity management, felkйszнtх vбrandуssбgra szьlхklub, csalбd- йs pбrterбpia, йlх fogyatйkos csalбdtaggal csalбdokat segнtх club, egйszsйgmegхrzх foglalkozбsok, children elsхsegйly course - just nйhбny pйlda opened in Budapest on November 7 йn midst of the oak-S Csalбdi Erхforrбs Segнtх Kцzpont szolgбltatбsaibуl free. At the opening of the Center for Family Planning for Toddlers and Children, the proportion of family-based families was below 70 percent.
The center, opened at Hermina Street 57 in Várrosliget, is aimed at facilitating family life, reconciling family life and work, and strengthening the community. The program is funded by a consortium partnership of the Association of the Blind and Disabled in Central-Hungary, the Hungarian Red Cross in Budapest, and the Foundation for the Conservation of Women and Women in Consortium. The project is supported by the XIII. and XIV. District Council.
Zoltán Rozgonyi, the XIV. The deputy mayor of the district also highlighted the role of the Cserf-S in supporting the disabled. "Problems with families are also problems with people with disabilities. Zuglú's government is proud to agree with one of the project's consortium partners, VGYKE, and that this project is not overlooked. "

"Enhances the quality of life of citizens in the district"

Magdolna Karбcsonyi, from the XIII. According to the head of the Social Ward of the District Council, the Family Resource Center has failed and shows an example of community development. "The XIIIth District Government set itself the fundamental goal of creating the conditions for a family-friendly settlement. цsszefogбsбt szolgбlу programs rendezvйnyek szervezйsйt Seeking out and local kцzцssйgek szervezхdйsйnek segнtйsйt. we believe that ellбtбsa the цnkormбnyzati tasks you hatйkonyabb if kцzцs cйl elfogadбsбt kцvetхen alulrуl szervezхdve йpьl up. the project kitalбlуi йs vйgrehajtуi kimagaslу professional eredmйnyekkel bнrу, elkцtelezett munkatбrsakkal, professionals NGOs. They have shown an example in community development. Participants ensure that the project will be successful and the quality of life of the citizens in the district his age still looks better, "said Magdolna Karcscsonyi in an opening speech.

A mature mentoring network is evolving

One of the special features of Cserf-S is that they are waiting for people with disabilities and other disabled family members for advice, assistance or just a talk in the center. Integration also creates events and an established mentoring network.
Бgnes Fodor, chairman of the Association for the Blind and the Vulnerable in Central-Hungary, said that being a founding organization can add valuable, valuable and professional experience by joining the project. "Practicing parenting regularly leaves us alone in the field of parenting, family life and family conflict resolution. The professions deal with different kinds of guides and fashions. They are difficult to navigate between. In Cserf-S, we get new perspectives for the interpretation of our problem, and we look for a solution. "
Contribute to a family friendly approach
The majority of the adult population is single, childless, lonely or patchwork. Within families, the proportion of family-based families was 70 percent, while those living in marital relationships and single-parent families increased by 15 percent.
"Few people are able and / or willing to live up to their family obligations and to live up to them today," said Duchess of Sweden, in her opening remarks. "Bбr the csalбdot йs the child йrtйknek tekintjьk, szбmos tйny - the hбzassбgkцtйsek йs the gyermekszьletйsek szбmбnak csцkkenйse the hбzasulбsi йs gyermekvбllalбsi kitolуdбsa when the vбlбsok nцvekvх arбnya. - indicates many mбs йletformбt vбlasztanak justified lбtszik kцzelнteni the csalбd- йs gyermekbarбt tбrsadalom ideбjбt the valуsбghoz, vбltoztatni the tradicionбlis csalбdizmus elvбrбskйnt valу megjelenнtйsйn, hozzбlбtni bekцvetkezett the nхk йs fйrfiak йletйben vбltozбsokbуl adуdуan age kцvetelmйnyeinek megfelelхen бrnyalt csalбdbarбt szemlйlet kialakнtбsбhoz the valуsбgtуl elszakadу patriarchбlis mintбk kommunikбciуjбnak megszьntetйsйhez. "
A volunteer involvement program The Hungarian Red Cross Budapest Capital Organization is involved in the project by training volunteers and providing first aid for children. According to Deputy Director Vgga Varga, seemingly trouble-free families can only survive if they receive reinforcement and attention. "Ezйrt important to kйpesek legyьnk reagбlni valуdi igйnyeikre, vбlaszokat to everyday kьzdelmeikre. The in elindulу Csalбdi Erхforrбs Kцzpont kцzvetlen cйlja gyermekvбllalбsra kйszьlх pбrok йs csalбdok children szбmбra цsszpontosнtotta now nyъjtandу segнtх szolgбltatбsok biztosнtбsa. This cйl йrdekйben hбrom NGO meglйvх erхforrбsait, йs bнzunk it that the program that will come to fruition here will not only enrich the lives of the families who come here, but also the work of our organization, "said Varga Bgnes.