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Programming for the weekend

Programming for the weekend

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Was it cold, slushy, so wally? Super programs for the weekend!

The King of the Death and the Zincota Manor - A Musical-Fabulous Historical Adventure

In this tale, too, he wanders around the country as he so often does… Now Zinc Bar is on tour, and he doesn't even go to the pub. He's looking for the priest, and gets in touch with the cantor. Usually, the questions of our fellow ruler challenge this distinguished man. The proba is doing very well, but instead of being angry with the sharp-minded chancellor who is almost out of his mind, he rewards him ... But yes! Those were the times…
February 10th Friday, 2pm
Moonlight Chamber Hall (1161 Budapest, 3. Sбgvriri Street)

Apr tnnca

Games, dance, songs, craftsmen, holidays and celebrations.
February 10th Friday 5pm
Traditions Hza (1011 Budapest, 8 Corvin Street)
Gryllus William Concert
IBS (1021 Budapest, Togo 2-4.) Saturday, February 11, 9:30 am - 11am


Klauzble Gabor Budafok-Tétinyi Cultural Center (1222 Budapest, Nagytétiny 31st-33rd.)
FEBRUARY 11. SATURDAY, 10am to 7pm
Tipegх-topogу - Baby House: Playful verses, nooks and crannies, charming figures, an enjoyable journey in a world of color and love
This little house is our house, I live in it too, I saw a house, more beautiful, better, this is what I like! The infant house as a genre is not completely unknown to the Pécs community. The Boubita's House also offers a series of lectures for the youngest children, launched last year, with the latest, third episode, presented in the new Hall of Fame in the Hall of Fame, Glen Illinois.
Bubbit Bubbnhzb (7626 Pecs, Felshvvmhbz u. 50)
Saturday, February 11, 10am
Gaudy palace
Free interactive program package
Palace of Arts (1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1)
Sunday, February 12, 10 am - 2 pm

Chocolate Concert - Jazz with Jazzation

In February, the Chocolate Concerts series will be tuned to jazz. The next step in the free family program will be called Jazzation, a cappella, which will strive to impress the little ones with more than just instruments. "That cappella genre is super games! Singing, common singing is the best game we've ever played. No one is boring, everyone brings something new ... and we need a kid to say nothing but tired! Katus Várrallyay, leader of the ensemble at the concert, also has an interactive children's corner and a reading book for the cuckoo. forget the booklet at home, because the orchestra collection can earn you gold in the end!
February 12, Sunday 11:00 am
Millenбris (Budapest)