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She likes a lot about the child, what she watches for others

She likes a lot about the child, what she watches for others

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A new way of diagnosing autism may be to follow the eye. It can be lighter and less stressful for children.

The current methods used to try to diagnose autism are not child-friendly, relying mainly on requests and talks with psychology. However, an early diagnosis of autism is very important because it can start the development needed much earlier, and children can stop the symptoms at a young age.Children with autism are watching their faces The essence of a recently introduced technique is to examine the eyes of those affected. People living with autism can have a very specific "pattern" of how other people look at their face and examine it, and it is very different from the way neurotypical people look at their faces. A total of 40 they were also neurotypical. The children were shown different pictures of faces on a large screen that allowed them to observe changes in the direction of their eyes. During the examination, they observed where the child was looking first and which parts of the face were being observed. Professionals focused on seven main areas: the right eye, right eye, left eye, left eye, nose, mouth, and other parts of the eyes for longer periods of time. children studied the lips longer and the eyes shorter. Other characteristics were also more prominent in children with autism, so an analysis of how quickly a child sees an area or the area of ​​"how important" the child is (over) can help with the diagnosis.You may also be interested in:
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