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Miуma? Not so awesome!

Miуma? Not so awesome!

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What can you do if your doctor diagnoses you? Fortunately, there are procedures out there that can solve the problem very effectively.

What exactly is myoma? Myoma is a malignant tumor that starts in the uterine muscle wall and can occur at any age. Its incidence increases over the age of 25, over the age of 35 affects about 20% of women and reaches its maximum in the early menopause. "Honey, you have a couple of inches, but for the time being, it is worthwhile to stand for it, enough to check it every half year, and if it does not grow, it should be left in trouble. vйge! " - In today's medical practice, to cure the cause of something that is the cause of the complaint - a third of women over the age of thirty have a malignant treatment - the hysterectomy also recommends immediate remission (hysterectomy).
The above statement is justified by the fact that it is too difficult to remove my mother from the womb without irreversibly ruining her. This is not the case today, at least not in most cases. Although hysterectomy can "completely heal", it removes "all" discomfort and protects the patient from any minor problems that may arise, which may result in significant physical and mental strain our identity by sign. However, in the vast majority of cases, the preservation of the organ can be resolved: a modern surgical procedure can say goodbye to the tumor and preserve our most precious female organ.
In today's modern view, the first elective alternative to losing ours is the endoscopic - laparoscopic or hysteroscopic - procedure, says dr. Elemier Illanitz is a specialist in obstetrics at Dr. Rose Magazine Hospital, who has done many of these surgeries. The advantage over open abdominal surgery is that it results in less surgical burden for the patient and less risk: less blood loss at optimum size, less fat in the pelvis and other pelvic organs.
"A myoma of the size of a egg can also be excised with a laparoscopic operation, compared to a wound of only a few cm. well, and that is all of us. If someone has and needs, find a doctor who will not survive, but only for the rest of the time. indicates that any intervention was referred to by Dr. Illanitz Elemer.

Everything has its time!

Doctor Illanitz further said that myoma's physiology is color-dependent, varies depending on the location of the tumor, may depend on its size, but in many cases the severity of the symptoms is not proportional to the size. In asymptomatic cases, and if myoma does not exceed 4cm in size, there is no need for surgical intervention, but regular ultrasound ultrasound is essential to monitor the condition over a longer period of time. Surgery is necessary if the tumor is asymptomatic, but its size is more than 4 cm or if symptoms are present. Among these, the most common are menstrual irregularities, such as painful, cloudy, bulky, clotting bleeding. You may experience low back pain, pressure, white vaginal discharge, frequent urinary urgency, or constipation. However, the most important problem my mother can cause is infertility or a series of failed pregnancies, "explains the maternity nurse.

New winds for head…

The endoszkуpos sebйszeti (or kulcslyuksebйszeti) eljбrбs abdominal mыtйtnйl komplikбltabb йs longer beavatkozбs (the miуma elhelyezkedйsйtхl fьggхen akбr also be mйretйtхl йs 6- 7 уrбs), while mean jelentхs technical kihнvбst the kуrhбzak szбmбra the pбciensek smaller mыtйti megterhelйse important to many szбmбra aspect , so it definitely saves fatigue. Last but not least, patients can often go home from the hospital on the day of their surgery so that they can live an almost average daily life and return to work for up to 10 days. All this requires the expertise of doctors - endoscopic surgical skill and experience, sophisticated manuality - the precise, accurate work of the staff and, of course, the proper hospital equipment.
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