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Broadcaster Vivien presenter is expecting his son Zinou to arrive in September. The increasingly excited mother was thinking at the very beginning of her pregnancy that she would preserve her baby's birthright. For this, Cord Blood Center chose a stem cell bank.

How are you feeling now in the 7th month?

Fantastic! The first three months did not make me feel sick in the morning, but as soon as I entered my second trimester I felt like they were expecting them. I try to enjoy this wonderful state every day.

How do you prepare for Zinou's arrival?

Just the other day, I was on a "baby shop circle" and I realized how much we needed. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was a little superstitious about getting baby boomers and I didn't want to get caught. These 9 months seemed like a very long time at the start, but as September approaches, more and more is to be done. I try not to get too excited, and this is helped a lot by my mother's yoga, which is good not only for my body but also for my soul. Of course, the couple also provides maximum support.

Are you in the middle of everything?

Of course, in bigger things, yes. There are also things we were sure of at the very first moment. Zeni's room, for example, is already completely designed, all you have to do is assemble the furniture. We had the same determination in the mailing and storage of the lynch bows, no doubt that we would live with this one-off and unrepeatable opportunity.

Why did you decide to have a stem cell juice?

I am not the type of person who is annoyed with missed things in the end, and it is important that we do all we can to do our little boy's health. When choosing a stem cell bank, we thoroughly discussed the idea and read that the cells are used to cure more than 80 types of diseases, including some types of leukemia. This is also confirmed in the decision.

The Cord Blood Center has been very sympathetic for the very first time, as it puts social issues at the heart of what is unique on the market. Although today's stem cell juice is becoming more and more known, unfortunately not everyone can benefit from this great opportunity. However, the CBC's Induced Stem Cell Removal Program provides free mail and storage for babies born before the age of 28 and those whose older siblings have a good chance of suffering from a stem cell.

Is your couple similarly enthusiastic about what to do with your child's blood?

Termйszetesen! He is very enthusiastic and then jumps out of the skin and wants to buy everything. That is why we are planning a fatherly birth. We also did the test together, sitting in the chair, with medical calm, just saying, "I knew, I told you."


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