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It is not easy to raise an introverted motherly extroverted child

It is not easy to raise an introverted motherly extroverted child

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While most moms are planning on playing, taking part in group events and chatter, I almost do the opposite. My kids make friends at school, and I've always liked being alone. I'm introverted, and I went out with it.

And my three kids? They seem to have been made for their extroverted dad, which is something I am completely scared of. Reflecting that you are fat. Not a little. My three-year-old baby calls everyone by name and with a huge grin every morning at the door. Hi Nia, Hi Noah, hello Parker! Moreover, my tiny little one talks to the parents of these children as long as I am just there and try not to take part in it. As an example, as long as I unmount the car, two people in our car parked next to us will be smoking cigarettes. Hi! - he says and waves to them. And my 6 year old son? From the moment you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep, my son just speaks, talks and talks, talks and talks. - Mom, look at this. Can I have a bite, Mom? Mom, can I do this? Mom, what do you think? Introverts are not absolute hermits (though many may want them), only social interactions consume their energies. To recharge, we'd have to be a little bit distant from people and alone - and the fact that we're all small children all day didn't help us at all.I had a hard time recharging when I was born. Within the limits of my emotional and physical exhaustion, I thought have we omitted maternity from me? Shouldn't I enjoy this whole thing better? Why do I always fantasize about being alone in a quiet place - nothing and no one except a book, chocolate, and maybe a cat in my head? (Even if it just means that I only slice chocolate on the cloth.) And it helped a lot. So I'm an introverted mom who raises three extroverted kids. It is this personalization that makes life interesting, congenial and exhausting. But I am willing to endure the polite chatter, the gossip coming from the wild, because I love my children. It's not always easy, but I wouldn't swap my loud and crazy chicks in the world.- By Michelle Stein -
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