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Eat slowly if you want to lose weight!

Eat slowly if you want to lose weight!

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This is what is often relentless for mothers! Somehow they rarely find out and rush, and they swallow snacks almost freely.

Eat slowly!

Not only what we eat and when, it doesn't seem to matter how fast we eat the food. People who eat too fast consume more calories. According to a new study by the University of Rhode Island, Quickly eat food And between body weight. It is clear from the examinations that men eat basically faster than women, and that consuming refined cereals in shorter time They were observing them in the midst of eating food. It turned out that fast-eaters consumed 90 grams of food per minute, while those at medium speed consumed 72 grams and slow-eaters consumed 58 grams. These values ​​were also adjusted for the subject's BMI (Body Mass Index). Likewise, men who considered themselves slow eaters ate at exactly the same pace as fast-eating women. "According to one of our ideas fast eating may be related to higher energy requirements. Because men are heavier, more energy is needed from the outset, "experts say. Of course, if we eat too fast, our brains do not have time to process that our bellies are not empty anymore, that is, it takes time for sensibility to develop. Researchers hope that their results will help you lose weight, which, if you are slower to eat, will probably consume less calories.Baby Room: And what can we add to all of this from a mother perspective? Those who cook and serve, and then jump up from the table several times to fulfill newer and later desires, will surely try to embrace the meal as soon as possible. However, a thorough grasping of the food makes the meal more enjoyable and a sense of wellbeing is formed sooner. The other danger that threatens mothers is continual eating, cooking, mid-game play.
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