Breast milk 10 surprising uses

Breast milk 10 surprising uses

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There is no question that breast milk is the greatest nutrient needed for baby development. However, there are also some areas of use that may seem strange at first, though surprisingly effective.

Breast milk 10 surprising uses


Breast milk antibacterial effect you have a good chance to remedy the throat. If we are not disgusted with it, we can drink it with a glass or gargle with it - it will be just as effective in the latter case.

2. Fouls over the ears

Because breast milk contains antibodies, it works like an antibiotic. There is a slight drop in the baby's ear, and we may indulge in mild inflammation.

3. Red eyes

If the baby's eyes are inflamed, put a little breast milk on a cotton ball and rub the granules with it. The also the price it has the same good effect.

4. Swollen nipples

Do you feel like you're pricking your nipples? While this sensitive area is being treated, lubricate it with a little breast milk after breast-feeding. We'll see if your discomfort is quickly relieved!

5. Sunbathing

Foam in this zimanku does not cure to burn, well, if we know that infants' super-sensitive skin is quickly cured by breast milk.

6. Diaper lift

Annoying tiny blemishes are quickly eradicated, and if we come across any unwanted eczema or acne, they can be used as well!

7. For cuts, bruises

You can smear the "diminished" areas of your older brother's motorcycle while breastfeeding because of their antiseptic effect accelerates wound healing. It just doesn't even bother me!

8. Cosmour

A poor mother swears by the fantastic anti-cosmic effect of breast milk. Massage a little on the baby's scalp and wait for the result. No need to wash.

9. Babarbimhlhre

Just like with a hydration cream, you can smear the tiny spots on the baby with breast milk. Very good at relieving itching.

10. For the facelift

No matter how surprising, our face is selected for polish. Lubricate our face, leave it on for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. It will leave your skin extremely soft and hydrated. Some who worship the power of wreckage have prepared for it soap and packing too.


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