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How many good guys did experts choose in the forum

How many good guys did experts choose in the forum

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It is not easy to navigate through the losers of the gyes-gyed-crib. In our boardroom, two experts from the Joull Foundation found answers to your questions about the CV and job search.

On the fifth of June, her pregnant mother is home at home. She doesn't know who can tell her how much childhood and childhood she'll get.
Vбlasz: Say it at the workplace, you always have to apply for a job with a job application. This will be almost the same as the dietary allowance, because the rule is that the average daily salary is 70 percent. This can be started just before birth, but if you are pregnant anyway, it is advisable to start with the day of birth. You get this benefit for 24 weeks, and then your child comes. This amount is capped at up to 70 percent of the minimum size. Your child should also be sought through your employer. Prepare to fill in thousands of paperwork and obtain documents at birth after birth, which are what dads usually help.
Another mom is passive pregnant right now. At the time of her first child's birth (July 2010), she had a 9-year contract of employment, but her employment contract expired. She wants to know how she can somehow get back to the insured so she can have a second baby.
VбlaszA: Yes, the key is to somehow go back and forth between the insured, to be insured at the time of birth, and to count your child twice the minimum wage. (The problem is that a passive child cannot count on the insurance period required for a new child.) If you are unable to get a job and your child is over, I suggest you do so the next week before you will have to care for them, they will have to claim them.
Where to go for those who can't find a place for themselves?
Vбlasz: The Jul-Lite Foundation helps women looking for work. With job search advice, curriculum vitae, job interviewing, and certainly how to deal with similar queries about children. Check out our website, call us or call us! If you're in Budapest, we can personally bet on our free job search advice, or if you're in the countryside, online. Hereby I recommend our Women's Click Online Training, which you can also post online. How to calculate your child? VбlaszA: The rules for calculating the amount of baby are essentially the same as that of a baby. Take care that if you have had at least 180 days of childbirth in the year before birth, you will receive your child at the minimum wage! However, if the claimant has been insured with a bribe or child during the 180-day period examined, the child's lump sum shall be determined taking into account the amount of the previous benefit. (Of course, subject to the limit of double the minimum wage.)
Is it true that it is possible for a working mother to work up to 4 hours a day?
Vбlasz: The main mother can work 30 hours a week or at home on unlimited working hours, with the youngest child up to 8 years.
Our Specialists: Major Lvvia Female Labor Market Specialist, HR Specialist, Gellérrt Edit TB Specialist. Jul-lt Statute.