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Stroller and sports: nothing is impossible

Stroller and sports: nothing is impossible

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Many expectant mothers also want to exercise with their baby: one because they are moving, and one can refresh not only physically but mentally. Not to mention that they can be social, just like being a sports mom.

"I ran regularly before I was born. It wasn't really marathoning, but twice a week, I was really into it. but when I managed to get some order back in my life, I felt the need to move, "- Kitti, who at the time ran into a few articles on the internet that came from the stroller. At first he was averse to it, but his husband, who had just decided to live a life at that time, told him to give it a try. In addition to doing healthy, fun activities, it can be a great community program, where you don't have to worry about who's watching your kid while one or the other goes out for sports.

There is also a stroller for light sports

For the first time, they walked around the topic, surfing the forums, and strolling around in strollers. "I love getting things done thoroughly, and because of the baby, I think it was very important to be safe and good for all of us," he says. Kitti quickly jumped to the Run with stroller association page. Here you will find lots of useful information, such as when to start running. It is said that it is probably best 6 months after birth, as the maternal body also needs to regenerate. It should also be pointed out that, as in everything here and there, the principle of graduality is very important, that is, at first it should start with 20-30 minutes, as the baby will get used to the new position, position, position. You have to pay attention to the little one and, of course, if your mother's body tells you: if you feel any pain, you need to stop, take time, and relax. However, not only moms but also dads can run with a stroller, who can start with the baby as early as possible.
The association also points out that overloading is not good because muscle-lactic lactic acid production alters the milk taste, but there is no risk of breastfeeding and jeopardy. However, the use of sports bras is recommended, as is breastfeeding before breastfeeding. With the stroller, it is important to have a smooth, as clean air as possible, where you can comfortably, safely and safely run with the stroller.
Of course, it is also a good idea to run a stroller a bit different than anything else, because you have to be careful not to get stuck on the stroller or just stumble across it, just as you would use any other sport csiszolуdni ". Our article continues with baby strollers, how they got started, how to choose a stroller, and how the first few occasions succeeded.