He was born with an arm extended after a day's work

He was born with an arm extended after a day's work

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Taylor had been in trouble for such a long day. The little one gave birth to her with a wide smile, her arms outstretched.

Born with an arm extended after a day's nap (photo: came to the hospital without getting tired, so the doctors gave him a little oxytocin to strengthen his contractions. Because Taylor had had a cesarean section in the past, doctors feared that a rupture might occur if the contractions were too strong. " He wanted to avoid any possible rupture. "Taylor stayed in the hospital for days, during which time he was about a centimeter. Taylor told People magazine that it was a long, difficult and extremely painful process. They recommended a cupping section. The operation was not smooth because Taylor had a number of welds on the lower part of the stomach, which made it difficult to move. Finally, Sullivan came to life with a newborn smile, with a wide smile and an outline of her limbs. "It was so funny, it was as if she was released and had a place to go."
They returned home from the hospital after a few days. "Very relaxed baby, so sweet. Almost never cries. My older children really love it, almost wanting to hold it in their arms almost entirely." (via)
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