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Diapositive Method: A Special Procedure for Relieving Stress

Diapositive Method: A Special Procedure for Relieving Stress

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From the age of childbirth, the body is impressed by the shocks, the stress levels, and they are "readable" - no less followers of the method.

"Seventh month of your pregnancy is a heavy shake for you and a little bit over you," Zhushka said after gently touching the foot of the three-month-old Nurri.

The method also works with a few months old baby

Slide method they call it the method that it works with, and it not only can recognize, but also relieve, the stress we are having in the fetus. Suddenly I didn't know what to choose. I was seven months pregnant when I lost my mother.
Amazing, energy and relief. These sensations swirled in me as I took part in a so-called solution. Ruga Istvbnn Zsуka he was touching, stroking, touching the different points of my foot while passing through an urn, while I was lying and becoming more and more distant from the truth. I did not sleep, as I heard the noise of the book, I went into some kind of meditative state where I was just floating and enjoying the touch. It took me forty-fifty minutes to listen to what Zhuhka was reading from the state of my muscles.
My father and my mother are from the side he was stressed, and that is why I am suffering from physical and psychological problems. If I wasn't sure we were meeting first, I would have thought you knew me a lot - along with my doubts and concerns.

Slide method

We have been aware for some time that the maternal life expectancy during pregnancy and external influences are not indifferent to the development of the fetus. What is more, we are also aware that in the background of physical illness there are often mental factors.
However, few people think that the history and cause of certain mental or physical ailments are to be found in the fatal outcome of the fetus. For discovering and solving these, a German physician-psychologist developed a method whose essential element was learning and requiring no special skill on the part of the practitioner or the person being treated.
The first member of the composition, the slide in this case, represents an invisible film, and the positive refers to the "pluses", or signs, which indicate the stress conditions on the film.

A quest for faith?

Because the therapists are speechless, the therapist will only tell you what he or she has felt, what he or she has experienced, and it is impossible to echo the patient's words. Even though you do not need to be told about the mental or physical issues we are approaching, he or she will report every issue he or she senses after the treatment.
The patient lies, and Zska, gently touching the different points of the foot, starts working on an "idle", which the body answers. The operation of the method is a mystery to Zhska, only patient feedback confirms that what our bodies have read from the "message" is true. He finds it so effective that it has already been used to calm autistic children, or to improve the mobility of adults born with cerebral palsy - with success.
The number of warnings discovered during diagnosis is a they also dissolve in treatmentand in the future, depending on the gravity of the status, they will need further solutions. In the most serious of cases - such as those in practice for people with severe depression or addiction - he suggests that one learn the procedure from the immediate environment of the patient so that he can be treated as often as possible. The basic course is a one-day course and you can use what you have learned here for "home use".
It is most effective when applied to the treated person in his or her own way, as the muscles will process the knowledge acquired during the sleep of the night. It can also be useful if, like my older child, the problem is that you are unwilling to lay hands between strangers.

Traces of shaking

As I learned, it appears on the right abt coming stress, but on the left maternal powers are deposited in the muscles. Stress causes muscle tension. Where the most stress comes from is where the muscle can shorten, which can lead to a variety of musculoskeletal complaints. Every stage of our fetal appearance has traces of our muscles. You can tell from the conception whether or not you have fallen in love.
The little baby is practically a give them their own problems their children already in their fetus. That's why the closer you get to birth, the easier it is to overcome problems faster. From a baby, a treatment of five to ten minutes is effective. It was interesting to know that the cause of stomach problems for many people may be the stress that mamma has on the fourth to fifth month. In this case, a few minutes of relaxation on the baby's foot can eliminate stomach upset and sleepless nights.
The procedure is particularly effective for pregnant women. Because by relieving their own tensions, they are much better at letting their babies grow and have a healthy, balanced baby. If, on the other hand, there is some form of stress on the mother-child relationship, childhood depression standing in the backdrop, only one of the parties will be involved in diapositive stress relief, and the improvement will both be felt.
But of course this is natural, as a balanced, healthy mother is able to turn to her child more lovingly, more resolutely, and she reflects on her parents' condition.
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