3 things to ask your child every night

3 things to ask your child every night

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We had a very sweet evening with my 3 year old son. In fact, almost every night, this conversation between us and us is interrupted before we go to sleep - Ellen Mady begins.

Not only does this talk warm my heart, I believe it also opens the way for the two of us to communicate later.Every night I ask Charbel:
  • 1. What was it that made you smile today?
  • 2. What was it that made you sad today?
  • 3. What was it you learned today?
Due to these 3 requests, my son expands his heart every night. She smiles and laughs again at the ones she went on that day. The things that made her sad can be discussed seriously and feel proud of what she has learned.

Ask her these questions every day

This simple conversation serves several purposes

  • It helps in communication. I also have a two-year-old who is just starting to participate in these conversations, but because he listens to us, he learns a lot about communication. I want my children to count on me later, when I need someone, when I have a challenging challenge, when I prioritize their sins, or when I want to share their success. As I do now, teaching kids at a young age that sharing thoughts in a family is a good, useful, and safe thing to do is help us in our relationship.

  • It helped me see how my son would live one day. Sometimes she brings up things in the evening that we don't even think about or says something that is completely surprising. It helped me to get to know my child better and also to enjoy the moments I didn't attend during the day. They also come to see if you or my brother misinterpreted something that day.

  • He helped him with his education. Your evening talk is a chance for me to teach her that the negative experiences that make you cry do not have to end badly. Making mistakes is a normal thing you can learn from them.

  • He helped him express his senses.

  • And finally, this is an evening talk for both of us something we love, let's talk, laugh, bring us closer together.
Charbel looked at me last night and said, "Mommy, now you come! What made you smile today?" So now there are two in store for you! If you haven't had a similar evening routine before, try the above suggestions. This conversation with my child is one of the loveliest parts of the day for me, because it connects us, and by the way, she falls asleep and sleepy every night.The original article can be read here.They may also be interested in:


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