How to stop bleeding?

How to stop bleeding?

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Vйrzik! - letting the child feel terrified, scratching the knee, palm, palm or other body part when exposed The condition of a bleeding wound often scares the baby - even if it is not detected before the baby.

How to stop bleeding?

Probably no parent can avoid the haunting of the bloody field, as children naturally run, play and sometimes fall. Bleeding often scares the little ones even more, as learning from the very beginning that this phenomenon is related to pain indicates that something has gone wrong. Although adults are more educated and experienced in this regard, it can scare their relatives if their eyes are lightened more. In this case, one is urgently trying to stop the bleeding and then treat the wound properly.

You live by yourself

Good to know that in the case of bodily injuries - when the bodily surface is damaged - the bleeding itself should be bleached out with patience, or, if necessary, gently soaked to prevent the child from rubbing. If there is a minor accident on the playground, we may see for ourselves that by the time we get home, the wound does not bleed and we can begin to heal. In such cases, there is no special task, the human body does the job. Fortunately, the majority of blood injuries to children are of this nature and do not require any specific intervention.
Conversely, the bruising, which is the color of our blood and the strong outward squirting of the heartbeat, can be very dangerous, as the child may lose it in just a few minutes. (This is also the case with adults.) In this case, the bruised body should be rested by lifting the blood body above the heart and immediately starting the blood damping with bare hands. (The sterile tools can now be ignored, since every moment can be saved, the life of the quickest.) In this case, even before the application of the pressure, the blood needs to be crossed over. You should not simply tighten the bleeding part of the body over the bleeding! In the case of multiple bloodshed, the patient must be transported to the hospital and called for an ambulance without transport!

Hard to spot

Internal haemorrhage also requires medical attention. It is not easy to detect, nor can we dampen it within the framework of first aid. Be wary of a child with a torso, deterioration of condition, chest and abdominal pain, and sensation of internal bleeding. If internal bleeding is suspected, the victim should be placed on his back, lifting his legs until further support. Get expert help as soon as possible!
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