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Homemade bacon

Homemade bacon

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Making a head is a very good job and simpler than you think. Now is the good time, now the headdress will really grow!

They made it home with the kids.


You will need this:
  • small utensil (tile, wicker, whatever you find)
  • virбgfцld
  • fыmag
  • ragasztу
  • felt pen
  • moving eyes
  • pomp (this will be your nose)
  • a little piece of yarn (this will make your mouth)
  • kanбl

The process of preparation

1. Glue the moving eyes, the cheer and the yarn to one side of the bowl - this will be the face of the bun. With the help of a felt tip pen you can decorate your face in more detail: draw people, mustache, bear - so be creative!2. When the bowl is dry, fill it up to 3/4 with flower. Gently squeeze the ground and squeeze the top with a generous amount of grass.4. Then cover the core with a layer of flower and carefully press down again.5. Last step, water the seedbed. Always keep the flowerbed moist, you will soon notice that the fungus begins to grow.6. If you water your hair regularly, your hair will have a beautiful hair crown.7. Now comes the best part: trim, shape or trim your head as you like.The original article can be viewed here.More DIY Ideas:


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