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If your child is gardening, he eats more green and fruit

If your child is gardening, he eats more green and fruit

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It's a good idea to encourage children to garden, as they take much more greenery and fruit than their peers, and this specialty will continue to grow into adulthood.

It is also beneficial for the child when gardening

Research from the University of Florida says the topic is still relevant as more and more nursery, school gardens and farms are born, which educates children about the hardships and responsibilities of garden work. Anna Mathews They also interviewed 1,300 college students. The participants were divided into groups: there were those who gardened in childhood, some who were gardening at the moment, and those who had and still have gardening, and finally those who had no experience in gardening. and you are harboring this hobby right now. These students consume 2.9 glasses of green and fruit daily, half a glass more than their counterparts ever gardening. (The "glass" of green is derived from the English word "cup". For example, a glass of medium potatoes, 12 baby beetroot or a piece of corn). because they are gardening, so even at a young age they will not eat more green or fruit at college.