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When should I consult a doctor?

When should I consult a doctor?

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Eight to ten colds a year are acceptable and do not mean that your child has a sick or weak immune system - doctors say.

Sure, it seems to parents at first, but every day they get out of trouble - but later the defensive system of children 's bodies is greatly improved And the parents' sickness so they don't rush to see a doctor right after their second illness.
We can expect when water-borne descents begin to flow from the child's nose, are impotent, but drink, basically not in a bad condition, the fever is well-worn. See a doctor if headache, headache, coughing, emergent case, if the baby has a high fever, he has rashes.

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Without enough experience, it's not that easy to do it! The kid, the pediatrician phone we can also ask for advice if we don't know what to do. However, in the following cases, it is useful for the doctor to examine the infant: - Infants younger than 3 months old with body temperature above 38 ° C, infants aged 3-6 months above 39 ° C
- fever lasts more than 3 days
- Feeling sick (the child is stingy, does not eat, hesitates over his ear, wakes up screaming)
- vomiting several times in succession, even in a fluid-free state
- suspicion of poisoning
- rigidity of neck (neck cannot be folded to chest)
- Multiple, urine diarrhea or blood in urine, stool
- if they appear, they are unusually calm
- Two severe stomachs that last longer
- Sleep
- when pneumonia is suspected (if more than one day is thought to be a painful pain, the breathing seems insensitive)
- if your child does not respond or seems disturbed
- Flames
- Old shoots
- if you have a heavy headache or other serious discomfort in the event of a rain. In case of doubts more "unnecessarily" Seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is also good because it can be used to clarify how to deal with a case.
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